Mundane Minefield


Graphite on paper, 2 x 2 inches - 18 x 24 inches

Mundane Minefield explores domestic objects and spaces in relation to my Obsessive Compulsive experience. Intended as a sanctuary of sorts, the home can become a trap that keeps us bound in a ritualized, compulsive cycle. There is a great deal of power irrationally attributed to the mundane objects and spaces within. Mundane Minefield depicts common objects and scenarios, linked to my psychological distress, alongside fractured images of what I fear will happen if I attempt to ignore them. In this case the feared result is my death. Scale delineates the power an object or situation possesses, while the cut-out objects indicate a trigger item within my home. Using scale, varied mark-making and a range of refinement, I decide how much to share with my audience and what hints are left to construct a narrative.